volume 2

ISSUE 1, 22 March 2017

Riemer Roukema, The Sethian Figures Micheus and Michar and their Relationship to Micah the Morasthite, 1-14

Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta, Spirit, Soul and Body in Nag Hammadi Literature: Distinguishing Anthropological Schemes in Valentinian, Sethian, Hermetic and Thomasine Texts, 15-39

Bas van Os, The Impediment of the Passions: The Testimony of Truth (NHC IX,3) as Deliberative Rhetoric Against the Teaching that the Confession of Faith and Baptism are Salvific without Celibacy, 40-62

Kimberley A. Fowler, The Ascent of the Soul and the Pachomians: Interpreting the Exegesis on the Soul (NHC II,6) within a Fourth-Century Monastic Context, 63-93

Simon J. Joseph, “’Knowledge is Truth:’ A Course in Miracles as Neo-Gnostic Scripture,” 94-125


Piotr Ashwin-Siejkowski, The Origins of John’s Gospel, written by Stanley E. Porter and Hughson T. Ong, 127-131

Carson Bay, The Book of Genesis in Late Antiquity: Encounters between Jewish and Christian Exegesis, written by Emmanouela Grypeou and Helen Spurling, 132-134

John C. Johnson, Alexandria, written by Tobias Georges, Felix Albrecht, and Reinhardt Feldmeier (eds.). In collaboration with Manuel Kaden and Christoph Martsch, 135-139

Nicholas Marshall, Religion: Secret Religion, written by DeConick, April D., 140-146

Claus Priesner, Magia Daemoniaca, Magia Naturalis, Zouber, written by Peter-André Alt, Jutta Eming, Tilo Renz und Volkhard Wels, 147-154

Petru Moldovan, Books Received, 155-167

ISSUE 2, 17 July 2017

Christian H. Bull, Visionary Experience and Ritual Realism in the Ascent of the Discourse on the Eighth and the Ninth (NHC VI,6), 169-193

David Brakke, Pseudonymity, Gnosis, and the Self in Gnostic Literature, 194-211

Michael S. Domeracki, The Apocalypse of Paul (nhc v,2) as a Valentinian Baptismal Liturgy of Ascent, 212-234

Gregory Shaw, Iamblichus and the Talisman of Gnosis, 235-245


Kelley Coblentz Bautch, Understanding Apocalyptic Terrorism: Countering the Radical Mindset, written by Frances L. Flannery, 247-253

Timothy Pettipiece, Augustine and Manichaean Christianity: Selected Papers from the First South African Conference on Augustine of Hippo, University of Pretoria, 24–26 April 2012, written by Johannes van Oort, 254-256

Shawn J. Wilhite, The Composition of the Gospel of Thomas: Original Language and Influences, written by Simon Gathercole, 257-259

Kris Wray, The Divine Father: Religious and Philosophical Concepts of Divine Parenthood in Antiquity, written by Felix Albrecht and Reinhard Feldmeier, 260-263

Petru Moldovan, Books Received, 265-274