Brill’s new Nag Hammadi Bibliography Online (NHBO)
Editor in Chief: Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta


The NHBO has come to substitute the three volumes of the useful but already outdated Nag Hammadi Bibliography by D.M. Scholer (NHS 1, 32, and 65). Beside the basic data offered by Scholer, it intends to include also useful abstracts for every single publication, keywords and, in the future, also links to search engines and export facilities for bibliography software.

The enterprise started in 2015. Ideally the NHBO will catalogue every year all publications of Nag Hammadi and related studies published in the year immediately preceding the year in course.

At the same time, the NHBO intends to fill the gap between 2006 (last year included in Scholer’s Bibliography) and 2014 (first of NHBO) as soon as possible.

To this end, besides the yearly data the NHBO will also include another year with a view to covering the gap between 2006 and 2014. Once so far the NHBO will begin adding abstracts and keywords to all the publications included in Scholer’s three books.

The NHBO’s work in progress envisages three main priorities:

  1. Gathering the complete data of the publications on Nag Hammadi and related texts and studies from 2014 onwards.
  2. Filling the existing gap between 2006 and 2014.
  3. Completing Scholer’s data with the addition of abstracts and keywords to the existing materials.

NHBO’s timeline looks as follows:

  • 1st phase: Period 2015-2020:
    1. December 2015: publications for the years 2014-2013;
    2. December 2016: publications for the years 2015-2012;
    3. December 2017: publications for the years 2016-2011;
    4. December 2018: publications for the years 2017-2010;
    5. December 2019: publications for the years 2018-2009;
    6. December 2020: publications for the years 2019-2008;
    7. December 2021: publications for the years 2020-2007;
  • 2nd phase: Period 2020-2025: additions of complementary data (abstracts and keywords) for Scholer’s data.